Media Team + Why You Need Them

20140318-050322.jpgNow days; Artist(s) are getting way too caught up in showing up in industry eventful places and posting about where they’ve been instead of doing this the proper way;

Artist(s); If you are going ANYWHERE that is going to legitimately showcase your talent or get your name out there in a form of a”Co-Sign” so to speak ; you NEED to bring your media team with you at all times; You NEED to have a designated media team to follow you in order to capture the series of events taking place; Bring this footage home to your media team; your PRs; your managements; They will then release the footage strategically to the proper outlets along with other Artist(s) who have attended that very same event; This then allows the outlets to really check for you when its time for features on their outlet; Media Chain Reaction;

Instagram photos; Camera phone photos are not enough now days; Artist(s) have to realize how overly saturated their industry already is; you have to be prepared and keep up with What’s going on in order to “Break-Out”;

Bottom Line is have your sh*t together; lined up properly; You’ll have absolutely no problem with booking; shows; interviews; meeting; features; cover stories;

You Get the Picture;

There are certain people you need behind your back to rock the mic; Society isn’t going to look for something they’ve never heard of; Word of Mouth



Could You Be Relevant?


Staying relevant is the key to longevity.
You must find a way to always stay amongst what’s going on some way some how; “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”.
In Entertainment, it is a constant struggle to remain relevant; ESP if you are a “one-man band” ; so to speak.
On the other hand that’s what some people get paid to do; Yes; believe it or not some people actually get paid to keep the relevancy going and going and going.
Relevancy is good for your career; Having the proper relevancy in your career can make any of the down time in your career become 100% irrelevant to your consumers, customers, audience, the general public and the public press media.

I can dig; Paid-Gigs.

Needing Attention


We all need a little attention don’t we? Of course we do! Besides that annoying personal fact! You’re needing the right attention from your media outlets to push your products. There is no right way to get in the minds of such outlet(s); but I can tell you this from experience; Anything different and unique is worth looking at!

Recently, I came across an article from a fellow blogger on ways to get attention from blogs; This is just a bloggers stand point; I was relaxed to know that I wasn’t alone when it comes to submissions;

This article was very refreshing and I’m glad we have the luxury of sharing this with many readers.

Please Read As Follows; *Modified*

  • Make sure to target people who you think would actually be interested in your product; i.e. confirm that their tastes align with your genre, or line of work (more on that in step five).


  • Find that person’s personal email address (not a generic address) or even @mention them on Twitter and ask them to DM it to you if you can’t find it (make sure you’re following them or else they won’t be able to DM you!).


  • When composing your email, remember that shorter is better. Always.


  •  A lot of the time artists and their managers get too hung up on telling their story. Even if your story is touching or entertaining or incredible- if I don’t like it, I’m not going to write about it or you. Save me, and you, the time by sparing that information until I’m familiar with your work.


  • What I want to read: a description of your product so I can get an idea what I’m dealing with before I dive in. I’m pretty opened minded and will check out 90% of the press releases that land in my inbox, but if you label your work as “cheese lipstick/pop country”, again, save me and you the time by letting me know up front it’s something I won’t like so I don’t waste time clicking on it.


  • *If its Music Related* What I want to click: Website, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Bandcamp links are all #1 in my book. Anything else that’s relevant and helps me get to know you and your brand better- links to press coverage, your social accounts- are also welcome and appreciated.


  • Dress all that up with a photo or two and a personalized opening paragraph and you’re good to go.


  • What’s a personalized paragraph? So glad you asked. It’s a genuine statement (i.e. something that you can’t easily make up) that lets me know you took the time to figure out why you think I might like your product. This will differentiate you and your outreach efforts, letting the blogger know you care about your work as much as you say you do.


  •  Put your streaming link near the top; I like to look/listen while I read. Please don’t make me hunt for it.



; Pretty neat and straight forward huh;  This is a GOOD READ Thx Danielle for this; Bomb Stuff!

Just enough to expand your mind into the world of standing out a little bit more!

Good Deal; Send the Bill! NEXT!





The Reach;

Certain things Indies should be aware of; A lot of Start-Up companies are surely using the wrong method of reaching a new wide range of consumers, customers, potential business ventures, etc. It is a fact that one of the most effective tools; TODAY; (2014′) That drives marketing is clearly social networking and strategic online campaigning. Let’s bring a bit understanding to this; You will in fact have to invest in your Advertisement campaign in order to reach those who haven’t a clue about you or your product. We’re not talking about purchasing your way out of this ugly phrase of gaining momentum by buying social media fans, likes, comments; because this will too catch up to you. Trust me over the years of working in this; The Payola Schemes are catching up and the people are catching on.

Question: What will you have to say if you have a massive “following” online and no revenue to show for it, no body is shouting out your product as “the best”?; or even better for the Entertainment Employees; You have these social media fans in which it displays you as a “LARGER than LIFE” figure and nobody shows up for your shows, banquets or events?  

Answer: As real as it gets; this will  only allow for an automatic  hinder on the first impression for your product; Think these things through and stop investing into third party do-it your self companies. Reach out to Real Agents, Real Relations Representations and stay in touch with the status of your running campaigns and gather real live information about your situation.  Not to hard; it’s actually the easy way out.

; BACK to the TOPIC; 

The average consumer is going to first go with what they see others are already going with; That’s just by human nature! If you are a new product being presented to the average consumer; some times… more often than most you are most defiantly going to have to sale this product in some form. We have so many media options its no way to pin-point a fatal attraction of exposure in one area more than the other;

This is why either yourself or hiring some one who knows what they are doing need to be constantly reaching out to possible every avenue there is; That is…IF you are serious about moving forward with your brilliant idea(s);

Thats just my spill; Leave the Bill; NEXT!

Hype or Nah?


Don’t believe the HYPE?

Is this a good phrase to constantly use within your walls? It shouldn’t be; you should always believe the HYPE! Yes some companies/individuals may “Hype” certain situations up more than they originally should have; but whats wrong with this? If you aren’t amused or not exactly impressed with the “HYPE”; Change the Channel; Allow others to believe in what they wish and you go back to the HYPE you’ve always believed in. Either way you’ve played the victim to “the HYPE”; Yes, We’ve all been a “HYPE FEEN” once in our lifetime.

Aside from the audience(s) feedback about your particular “Hype Feens” ; If your target is to gain exposure and build a solid audience then “HYPE FEENS” are exactly what you need.  Hype is actually one of the keys to that open door;  If the Hype circulate fast and good enough; this HYPE may very well be your way in the door ESP if you’ve got the good stuff!

I would say it’s a duty to be the “HYPE MAN” so to speak; and the hype gets 10x more powerful when one is really inspired and in strong belief of the product.

Can we define “HYPE”

“promote or publicize (a product or idea) intensively”

“extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion”

The members in my line of business; Our NUMBER ONE goal is to HYPE and let the HYPE be Believed.


All I have for today; leave it on my tab! NEXT!





Peer-2-Peer Pressure; It was time to re-launch some all inclusive-ness about what “okayTMI” is all about;

This is a Organization I started a while ago as a publicist; doing several write-ups on some on your favs! And as always Writers Anonymous is still alive; we are all still here writing and rocking; But I’m not here so much for that; I’m making some of my services public for some of the amazing talent I’ve come in connect with on the come-up! Now, Up until about Dec 13′; I was on a very long internet hiatus; I came back to my twitter and email blazing hot! I was in the mood to do more damage! Talk more of my shit! Beside Twitter isn’t enough