Hype or Nah?


Don’t believe the HYPE?

Is this a good phrase to constantly use within your walls? It shouldn’t be; you should always believe the HYPE! Yes some companies/individuals may “Hype” certain situations up more than they originally should have; but whats wrong with this? If you aren’t amused or not exactly impressed with the “HYPE”; Change the Channel; Allow others to believe in what they wish and you go back to the HYPE you’ve always believed in. Either way you’ve played the victim to “the HYPE”; Yes, We’ve all been a “HYPE FEEN” once in our lifetime.

Aside from the audience(s) feedback about your particular “Hype Feens” ; If your target is to gain exposure and build a solid audience then “HYPE FEENS” are exactly what you need.  Hype is actually one of the keys to that open door;  If the Hype circulate fast and good enough; this HYPE may very well be your way in the door ESP if you’ve got the good stuff!

I would say it’s a duty to be the “HYPE MAN” so to speak; and the hype gets 10x more powerful when one is really inspired and in strong belief of the product.

Can we define “HYPE”

“promote or publicize (a product or idea) intensively”

“extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion”

The members in my line of business; Our NUMBER ONE goal is to HYPE and let the HYPE be Believed.


All I have for today; leave it on my tab! NEXT!



2 thoughts on “Hype or Nah?

  1. glad I can read more from you I’m just getting into online promotion and your tweets help Im happy to be on this blog hope to intern with you one day. Great work Lew!

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