The Reach;

Certain things Indies should be aware of; A lot of Start-Up companies are surely using the wrong method of reaching a new wide range of consumers, customers, potential business ventures, etc. It is a fact that one of the most effective tools; TODAY; (2014′) That drives marketing is clearly social networking and strategic online campaigning. Let’s bring a bit understanding to this; You will in fact have to invest in your Advertisement campaign in order to reach those who haven’t a clue about you or your product. We’re not talking about purchasing your way out of this ugly phrase of gaining momentum by buying social media fans, likes, comments; because this will too catch up to you. Trust me over the years of working in this; The Payola Schemes are catching up and the people are catching on.

Question: What will you have to say if you have a massive “following” online and no revenue to show for it, no body is shouting out your product as “the best”?; or even better for the Entertainment Employees; You have these social media fans in which it displays you as a “LARGER than LIFE” figure and nobody shows up for your shows, banquets or events?  

Answer: As real as it gets; this will  only allow for an automatic  hinder on the first impression for your product; Think these things through and stop investing into third party do-it your self companies. Reach out to Real Agents, Real Relations Representations and stay in touch with the status of your running campaigns and gather real live information about your situation.  Not to hard; it’s actually the easy way out.

; BACK to the TOPIC; 

The average consumer is going to first go with what they see others are already going with; That’s just by human nature! If you are a new product being presented to the average consumer; some times… more often than most you are most defiantly going to have to sale this product in some form. We have so many media options its no way to pin-point a fatal attraction of exposure in one area more than the other;

This is why either yourself or hiring some one who knows what they are doing need to be constantly reaching out to possible every avenue there is; That is…IF you are serious about moving forward with your brilliant idea(s);

Thats just my spill; Leave the Bill; NEXT!


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