Media Team + Why You Need Them

20140318-050322.jpgNow days; Artist(s) are getting way too caught up in showing up in industry eventful places and posting about where they’ve been instead of doing this the proper way;

Artist(s); If you are going ANYWHERE that is going to legitimately showcase your talent or get your name out there in a form of a”Co-Sign” so to speak ; you NEED to bring your media team with you at all times; You NEED to have a designated media team to follow you in order to capture the series of events taking place; Bring this footage home to your media team; your PRs; your managements; They will then release the footage strategically to the proper outlets along with other Artist(s) who have attended that very same event; This then allows the outlets to really check for you when its time for features on their outlet; Media Chain Reaction;

Instagram photos; Camera phone photos are not enough now days; Artist(s) have to realize how overly saturated their industry already is; you have to be prepared and keep up with What’s going on in order to “Break-Out”;

Bottom Line is have your sh*t together; lined up properly; You’ll have absolutely no problem with booking; shows; interviews; meeting; features; cover stories;

You Get the Picture;

There are certain people you need behind your back to rock the mic; Society isn’t going to look for something they’ve never heard of; Word of Mouth



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