Below are previously answered questions vis E-mail and/or Twitter *constantly updated*

Q: Could I send you links to my material and you send it off to media outlets for me?

A: Essentially, that answer is “NO”; but if you are my client the answer is “YES.” In this case you wouldn’t have to ask me to do these things for you; as it is listed in our Project Agreement; Sending your material to the stronger outlet(s) of your situation will be one of my duties.


Q: Are you only accepting cliental with major budgets, or already have a name? What If I am just started out?

A: Everyone’s definition of “Major Budget” may differ; Although, I do have several high-end clients and projects who require more involvement than most; The Budgeting is based on how often and how urgently you need my services; Each situation is different. If its good, you believe it, and you are serious about furthering your career then its good enough for me to look at; We can talk about the budgeting you have available by just starting out. Remember there is always room for rookies; Its harder on beginners because a lot of resources aren’t made open to you; thats why you will need a PR rep..etc.  Each Vet was a rookie first; this is a major stepping stone in your career and you have to be ready to ride it out once you start. 


Q: Will I “Blow-Up” if I hire you?

A: At no time do I make any promises pertaining to the fate of your career; My duties are to get you seen, heard, talked about basically exposed (in a good way); I do not take bribery, nor do I partake in payola; As my client I will be sure of make great business connections for you and your situation; leaving the ultimate decision up to you and the decision maker.


Q: Could you get me a record deal, sponsorship, endorsement?

A: You’re hiring me to over-see your marketing/ branding motives; I am put into place to bridge the gap between the Supplier and the Provider; Acting as correspondence for any deals, endorsement, sponsorships that should come your way; As well as seeking these opportunities for you as they arrive.


Q: How are you getting into doors I can not reach myself?

A: There is no true answer to this question; It’s all comes down to connections, networking, relationships, great work ethic, and client(s)/project(s) with potential and/or great quality product(s). Some resources required in this line of business are not to be made open to the general public. There are some Media/ Press Access Only resources. In some cases it can sometimes play as a OVERWRITE and get you right into the door “Easy Squeezy”; other cases Media/ Press reps are usually trained on getting over certain objective that you may not have had training on.


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