P U B L I C   S E R V I C E S 

Relations | All Relationships must stay relevant for survival|

Behind every “Public Figure” there is their oh so infamous Marketing/Public Relations Rep!

Write Ups | Stop Talking about it, Get it Written, Make them Read about it|

Where else do you assume media publishers/outlets get their exclusive write-ups and editorial responses from?

Brand Strategies | Every Brand Needs a Solid Plan |

Everything looks good; Feels right; Seems Official? But whats the plan? How to strategies your branding ideas making business sense.

*All my inquires, referrals, etc are fully filtered, just because you want me doesn’t mean you get me*

*I have the RIGHT to refuse work*

*Rates & Details about service(s) are available upon request*

My clients and the quality of their work are an very important asset to my success rate; please note this when making business inquires

PR Superstar, LLC & okayTMI, LLC  are both Private Companies; anything given in full confidentially will remain as such. 



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